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Mao Ten Doo


This is a list of thing I want do do before I die; please feel free to send me ideas of anything cool I've left out.

1. Obtain $1,000,000 in liquid assets. Incomplete
2. Design and program a video game.Ongoing
3. Drive a Lamborghini.Complete
4. Bench press 250 pounds.Incomplete
5. Buy and original piece of art.Incomplete
6. See the 7 wonders of the world.Incomplete
7. Race a sportbike on a race track.Incomplete
8. Steal a street sign. Incomplete
9. Visit a nude beach.Incomplete
10. Fly a remote controlled helicopter.Complete
11. Learn to say the alphabet backwards really, really fast.Incomplete
12. Drive 175 MPH (preferably on a motorcycle). Incomplete
13. Be someone's mentor. Incomplete
14. See the ruins of Pompeii.Incomplete
15. Get married.Incomplete
16. Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.Incomplete
17. Fast for Ramadan.Incomplete
18. Learn at least 5 more programming languages.Complete
19. Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar. Complete
20. Go to a drive-in movie theater. Complete
21. Pay less than $1.00 per gallon for fuel.Incomplete
22. Hunt, kill, and prepare an animal for eating.Incomplete
23. Get an airplane pilot's license.Incomplete
24. See a lunar eclipse. Complete
25. Dive nude off a boat with others.Incomplete
26. Skip my cellphone on the ocean like a rock.Incomplete
27. Hold a tarantula. Complete
28. Throw a black tie party.Incomplete
29. Earn an education degree.Incomplete
30. Flatten coins on a train track. Incomplete
31. Play Led Zeppelin's "Evermore" Flawlessly.Incomplete
32. Read the entire Quran.Incomplete
33. Drive on a beach. Incomplete
34. Call or write my congressman. Incomplete
35. See a solar eclipse. Complete
36. Attend an opera. Incomplete
37. Make a personal website.Complete
38. Take a Zeppelin ride.Incomplete
39. Attend a Comic-Con.Incomplete
40. Fire a gun. Complete
41. See a monster truck rally.Complete
42. Hang up on a lawyer.Incomplete
43. Learn to specialty dance (ballroom, salsa).Incomplete
44. Dance with a stranger. Complete
45. Stay in bed for an entire day.Complete
46. Drive on the auto-bahn.Incomplete
47. Attend a symphony.Complete
48. Get a tattoo. Incomplete
49. Obtain a Concealed Weapons License.Incomplete
50. Be able to locate and name 10 constellations in the sky.Incomplete
51. Fly a kite. Complete
52. Fire a shoulder rocket.Incomplete
53. Do 200 pushups in a row.Incomplete
54. Read the entire Bible.Complete
55. Build my own house.Incomplete
56. Tell someone the story of my life sparing no details.Incomplete
57. Throw a weighted paper airplane off a tall building.Incomplete
58. Learn a martial art.Incomplete
59. Visit an active volcano.Incomplete
60. Live in my own apartment.Complete
61. Visit Mt. Rushmore.Incomplete
62. Make a 10-second quarter mile pass.Incomplete
63. Run a marathon distance.Incomplete
64. Learn to play a musical instrument.Incomplete
65. Become debt free.Incomplete
66. Pursue a career aspiration.Incomplete
67. Be the boss. Incomplete
68. Open my own successful business.Incomplete
69. Scuba dive on a ship wreck.Incomplete
70. Have my picture in the newspaper.Incomplete
71. Take a hot air ballon ride.Incomplete
72. Ride a mechanical bull.Incomplete
73. Sing karaoke enthusiastically. Complete
74. Bungee Jump.Incomplete
75. Grow and eat my own vegetables.Incomplete
76. Have a personalized license plate.Incomplete
77. Sleep a night in a snow shelter I built. Incomplete
78. Host an outdoor BBQ.Incomplete
79. Be on TV.Incomplete
80. Leave a job on my own terms. Complete
81. Be a guest on the Conan O'Brien Show.Incomplete
82. Ride a gondola in Venice (Italy that is).Incomplete
83. Surf. Incomplete
84. Live in New York City.Incomplete
85. Throw a huge party and invite all my friends.Incomplete
86. Run nude through a public place. Incomplete
87. Raise a child.Incomplete
88. Converse with a parrot. Incomplete
89. Fire a cannon.Incomplete
90. Go a week without using a personal computer.Incomplete
91. Write 10 songs.Incomplete
92. Sky dive.Incomplete
93. White water rafting.Incomplete
94. Attend a film festival.Incomplete
95. Start a family.Incomplete
96. Live abroad.Incomplete
97. Attend a town hall meeting.Incomplete
98. Try at least three different careers. Incomplete
99. See a Broadway play on Broadway.Incomplete
100. Walk on the Great Wall of China.Incomplete
101. Own a Japanese sportbike. Incomplete
102. Visit Japan.Incomplete
103. See the northern lights.Incomplete
104. Yell out, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" in a crowded place.Incomplete
105. Snowboard.Complete
106. Meet someone I met on the internet in real life.Complete
107. Attend a human birth.Incomplete
108. Drive a humvee. Complete
109. Write a book.Incomplete
110. Take my dream vacation.Incomplete
111. Climb a tree all the way to the top. Incomplete
112. Learn a different language (and use it).Incomplete
113. Visit Disney World. Incomplete
114. Fly an airplane.Incomplete
115. Attend a major sporting event (World Series, Super Bowl, etc).Incomplete
116. Visit all 50 States.Incomplete
117. Send a message in a bottle. Incomplete
118. Build a functional piece of furniture.Incomplete
119. Be hypnotized.Incomplete
120. Read 500 books.Incomplete
121. Drive off road. Incomplete
122. Get my 15 minutes of fame.Incomplete
123. Buy everyone in a bar a drink, on me. Incomplete
124. Give a lump sum of $100,000 dollars to charity.Incomplete
125. Join the mile high club.Complete (Colorado counts, right?)
126. Swim across a large lake, unassisted.Incomplete
127. Adopt an accent for an entire day.Incomplete
128. Smash a TV set.Incomplete
129. Area 51.Incomplete
130. Go on a blind date. Incomplete
131. Go on an ocean cruise.Incomplete
132. Experience weightlessness.Incomplete
133. Take an African safari.Incomplete
134. Kiss someone passionately in public.Complete
135. Buy an Armani Suit.Incomplete
136. Fire a machine gun. Incomplete
137. Lean through a corner with one knee down on a motorcycle. Incomplete
138. Get professionally certified.Incomplete
139. See the sunrise from Maui's Mt. Haleakala.Incomplete
140. Run 4 miles in 32 minutes.Incomplete
141. Obtain a sailing license.Incomplete
142. Throw a Hand Grenade.Incomplete
143. Climb a building (on the outside to the roof). Incomplete
144. Anonymously do something for someone that will have a significant and positive impact on their life. Incomplete
145. Take a long road trip with friends. Incomplete
146. Get a helicopter pilot's license.Incomplete
147. Purchase a secluded summer home.Incomplete
148. Visit Alcatraz Island. Incomplete
149. Bowl a 200 game.Incomplete
150. Dunk a basketball on a 10 foot hoop.Incomplete
151. Shower in a waterfall.Incomplete
152. Fly a remote controlled airplane.Incomplete
153. Attend a play. Complete
154. Visit the Alps.Incomplete
155. Visit 25 different nations (airport terminals don't count).Incomplete
156. Ride a horse solo through the countryside. Incomplete
157. Gamble in Las Vegas.Incomplete
158. Teach a class. Incomplete
159. Pursue a childhood dream. Incomplete
160. Photocopy my butt on a photocopier. Incomplete
161. Wade in a public fountain. Incomplete
162. Hang Glide.Incomplete
163. Swim with a dolphin. Complete
164. Drive a Ferrari Complete
165. Drive cross-country. Complete
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